An order and the ordained in cult / with candles / a soft glow from above / in catacombs / bone lined walls / swords glint / take on the light / black reflected glories / stained / releasing / entrails and frothing blood / the defaced / broken / statues look on / the sacrifice enlivened with paranormal forms / spectres of decay gather / a brain in mickey mouse headpiece / an unshaven armpit in fluttering cloak of celeb mags / and stiff with spunk / cast about a balloon / an empty head / made of torn articles of broadsheet rags adorned with toupe / I will not comment on the reality show / but I will tell you what others have said / such the staunch rape of objectivity / washes its face in giblets of the sacrifice / declares itself clean / the brain shudders and frolics in sugar spread like lime / the unshaven armpit crumples coquettishly / and darkness whispers up to submerge them…


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