He made his opulent film in the reflections of gold framed mirrors mounted on marble walls in Berlin light / panning down the body of an inert long haired brunette model / follicles gaseous / seated on a white chair / ephemeral / a thick panoply of gold mounted on her slender neck / reeking Egyptian / white backless dress hanging on skeletal skin like a religious rag in a painting / folds lapping in the machine breeze / lungs inflate and pronounce ribcage / panning down across tidal ripples of nylon / down / down punctuated thighs and calves spattered up the back with liquid excrement / cut / close up / she mouths to the camera a diarrhetic brand name / cut / chrome footage of a french poet looking down at book in his right fingering hand / bad subtitles disentangle her voice fisting a chandelier / cut / paper codes and messages gurge out of an archaic contraption / cross dissolving into a production line of electric guitars in China / spun / twisted / new components added / sealed in a box / cut / Cunt Paragraphs scrunching along a gravel driveway arrives at a thickly painted burgundy door / close up / his finger presses the buzzer / cut / Puppy gets electrocuted in a special steel grey room / legs twitching / the wicker chair he’s seated in ignites / Puppy burns / Puppy sizzles / Puppy can not die so plays out his next scene / cut / close up of a badly burnt face with fried egg eyes staring out / cut / close up of scorched fist clutching an executioners mask / cut / Cunts’ finger presses the buzzer again / cut / the steel grey room again / as though filmed from cctv / a lively embryo in centre chewing / sucking disembodied feet / ghostly footsteps echo / more agile embryos appear from the shadows of corners to feast on the pile of feet / squeaking cutely / whipping one another playfully with umbilicals / locker room frolics / cut / a street exterior / a procession of mirrors scrapes down the centre of a small town / elaborate baroque frames / faceless onlookers reflected in every scene / starwipe / end credits:

Brunette model – Nada Concupiscence.
French poet – Charles Pierre Baudelaire’s disinterred little finger.
Production line – child slaves (augh weren’t they cute).
Cunt Paragraphs – Scriptscratcher.
Puppy – That boy I saw on X-Factor, you know, the one who won it last year.
Lively Embryo – Andy Serkis.
Disembodied feet – Tottenham Hotspur.
Chorus Embryos – Andy Serkis CGI.
Mirrors – Lacan.
Faceless onlookers – readers voice from Beano.


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