dreak day in Dundee

Deep blur / highly defined / pixellated khaki / fatigues / the soldiers appear as digital glitch on the interminable screen that covers every surface of the world / pregnant scenes belch babies into realities / into soap operas / placenta cross fades into terrorist explosions / the soldiers dodge into the happy crowds of adverts / reach out arms / extended with jagged knifes / slash / cut into the bellies of the obese / let loose the half digested spoils of war / slinking back into the screen / glistening red wet knife merged into bodywork of silver car / stomach contents steam into images of the rainforest / facial labia gloss over in the sky / pout / smile / insurgents in her teeth open fire with handheld projectors / somersaulting humvees crash into dust / into crowds of hapless shoppers / low resolution soldiers crumple to the ground next to the municipal urinals / an improvised video device explodes / the resulting feedback wipes the cerebral harddrive of a passerby and severely corrupts a number of others / they bend and spew from the mouth and ears / memories / holiday imagery / their favourite fuckloops / a voyeur / a vicariaste scoops up the digital slop and quickly squashes it into his eyeball / headfuckrush / unknown people and visual anecdotes glide into his friends list / a terrorist lets his camouflage slip / head exposed in all its reality / poking out the side of a piece of meatcandy between two lumps of bread / I’m lovin it / soldier zeros’ in / fires / obliterates the enemy usb compatible headbulb / the headless body stumbles now heedless / stomach speaker emitting death speech / an antenna secreted in the anus fires out finality texts to family / already in mourning / who were watching the attack live from his eyebubbles / the soldier uploads his kill / four more for promotion / just one more for a weapon upgrade / a distant German hacker tracks the soldiers ip and converts his kills into nectar points / one day he’s going to tell the world that it was a liberation / getting a real time paedophile for 1600 points / bouncing grenade detonates / ejaculating price cuts / bargains / eternal sales fluxing across the screen / children skip through realities viscera / through the smoke and corporeal detritus left by a shimmering suicide bomber / the screen flutters into blackness…


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