sightless visions

A spider in your hemisphere / in your hair / in my fantasy / in my boring eyes / drilled and inhospitable / lick the glory hole residue / accretions / a dry crust / the velvet mood perspires / kicks a vicar in the anus / in recumbrance / in the bell tower of distorted bones / I kiss Her hand / fingers slender / manicured in Death’s hollow sockets / caressed in sightless visions / tips dipped in red mouths of yelping lapdog pussies / autonomous / stroked on Mastermind’s lap / a plan fermenting / zymolytic thought bubbles in the clear atmosphere of a stale brain / an installation / try and ride it / greater inebriations / traps laid in conspiracies / in bullets to the skull viscera / fragments scuttle across baroque lacquered trunk / a primary female puts together the puzzle / fingers immersed in dead hollows / it’s grassy up here / gnarled and murdersome / a Russ Meyer montage / lubrication for escape into wholesome mammaries / away / from wizen titillation / gloved / clasping / holding back strings and pearls / garroted with a cheese wire / Shostakovich playing piano beneath the threat of a petite dictator / moustache in hand / ready to place it upon airbrushed top lip / stiff / upwardly mobile / eating coal out of a shoebox / blackened lips / nubile goth kiss / yum yum says the child toiling in socialist realist fields / fertilized by the promised fetal dead / aborted / an assignation of a liberty clinic doctor / unmet / lonely / last sighting on cctv / entering car / in concrete hieroglyph / bleak rectangles in bleaker city / cunt hair 51 tickles a piss heresy / mummy shit me but now she tell me I come vaginal / a daydream of anal birth / is detox still scraping skull bits off boot to make fitness video / seems so / Mastermind grows bored / shoves a silenced glok up pussies tethered arse / meow / bang / all in one pvc saville suit needs cleaning / viscous matter / licked off / by toothless sharks / gummed towards lonergasm / threat of death / stuffs stroking digits into gills / and frots / rubs / rips wider opportunistic / for the fascism of children / the sentiment of adults / the general joy of aliens / but I fuk wit your gills / I fuk wit your grey armoured flesh / amour / amour / cos I’m doing a performance / broken exhaust fumes / 5th column apologies / a bleakness that knows it own / nailbombs its own streets / abortion babies and reality show ingĂ©nue / a general vagueness / a gore of women / but / he / rapes a car in spectacular jump / sticks dick up fume pipe / overheats…


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