wold of car crash

Degraded copies from the once primary network / a new network / global / in pixelated hd / 720 / 1080 / 264 / 1d20 plus buffs / my avatar in a different gender skin each day / sexualised polygons / hidden voyeurs and onanists typing only LMAO or *shits profusely* / the fecal obsessionalism of the ddwildblood bot 3.7 beta / I’m sure freud would have something to say / alas / he’s too busy gagging on a unicorn cock / rendered beautifully / bumpmapped and bloomed / physics / interpolated pixels / smoothing out / making more real the subjective stream of children / grey and dragged from the rubble / a glitch in the signal shows squares of data from the previous seconds / live / as it happened / past and tense / muscles flex in an F5 taunt / an avatar strips off to show blurred skintones / genital lubricants melt through the cyber suit / a usb connection shorts / pleasurable and maintainable electrocutions uploaded to the rest of the party / captain gonad / rabbitVibe23 and NEGated-grandiloKUNT / captain gonad pulls a whitey / rem sleep / downloading the same file over and over / an orc breaks with programming and narrative cliché / runs away / forms a revolutionary cell with the tissue / the flesh taken from my lower abdomen when I was two / TED of the SHED is contacted / virtual pipebombs are constructed with diseased wiring / planted in memes / in crates and red oil barrels / symmetry / broken thought idolizes a misanthropic tramp / a trash container down a new york alleyway / pedestrian violence and other clearly delineated breakdowns / mental mishaps and forged id’s / plugging together credits / bonuses / extra lifes and flickering discontent / continental circus and fish and chips in Bridlington…


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