slaughters late hate appeal

Were we innocent? In that the always proudest moment of speech lethal. Conquered armed / encased in intelligent skins and not excluded. Wired in. Rarely self.

Pops on vision looking as he shakes hands, a familiar visitor given into the media of filth and noise. Swallowed. Natural style, satiate spent, alone and coupled with a body in a rare bridge hot suit. Sweat glittering on the one half living. He was end. Self start and gripped hand / cold / clammy.

In iron clad hands that insisted somehow to drink the night. Open. Jerked open. Declared the ninth and spoke of shelling. Enthusiastic proposal prosecuted on the obvious cons / keen criminals cuted / buzzed bright, spasms and fits in open spaces.

The known war and untroubled facade crumble and give deadly credit to say, let’s say the room. Without unrealistic follow-up as crucial as dictator to the senses of the people forced to cower. Totalitarian history stirred hatred / sides aided pliant media vision spreading poison distrust / none defiant. Actor declared / gave speech / led slaughters late teach to hate appeal / to patriotism / patriotic feel cause. A minority resist, heads filled and then caved in by the siren voices / doses drug, eyes bleeding in blue light. The man famous / the architect of murderous policy born in 41 joined at 18 in teens. The story of a key and the tyrannical throne disturbed / mildly shot himself orthodox. Hanged in the destabilizing victory, children swing dead in a closet.

Recent gains dependence to then slice majority, starting again, the losers themselves, that would solve, a kind of last solve. Standing ensure dog unity brutal >> Oh brutal deluxe. << symbolic slogan graffiti, sweet words on my stinking breath. Appears to destroy ages.

Formation salvia, crumbled chunk territory slowing the advance of enervated limbs. Limbs that lived for gone republics / remains in stagnant brothels, families / homes. Traditional regard selves / the every sign, enough solvent remains to punish occupation. Indefinite nations, live show tolerance. Glassy gameshow populations, downed and forced even / the apparent seize could end nothing.

Follower of tradition, true pre-madness and stale come. Gathering, dry tears flake and scab. To see winner likely to stay. Bombing raids, bombing set to lose action, solution dry-part delay failure. Lives during slaughter the threatened bombing go ahead / clear to bring to heel, to curb time, to produce a plastic policy that might coat us all. It prove born black mutual tissue runs deep / is hard mixed. Disaster bottling experience, proved the push, bodies bursting, the living smeared with corporeal shrapnel.

Comes impunity in his back power carte blanche. Raids solve population problems. In matter and anti-matter coward bullies he raids opinion and square side. Clear translucent victory.


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