I was totally drenched / inclines and inclinations / eyes roll upon breasts / waist / hips and the tendency to assess the fundament et al / I write this with alterations to what I thought I would write hours later / and now it is now the time of writing I fantasised about / whilst on bike tween fervent May verges of springtime fecundity / the object of my desire / the boredom bottle / in rucksack / and now successfully relocated from idling on imdb to writing for bloodied stinging discharge / I apologize / though not for deconstructive behaviour / trivialities of my existence or lewd gaze / but for imposing an anglocentric assumptive of seasonal behaviour / it may well be winter in some others springtime / there’s always soft powdery snow at xmas in hollywood and other threads of the dominant narrative / pounded into the head / squirted onto the skin / reflected in the silver cars surface / on empty mountain roads / and evaporating in the goo running from a neatly assassinated copywriters head / a contract / a lithe body / a bead of sweat runs from the nape of Uma Dais’ neck / oscar winner / actress / star / romantic lead in a dog’s tale - the waggening / aboard golden yacht / but less of her and more of the bead of sweat / glistening / trickling down tanned skin / across overly defined bones / to melt in a scant powder blue string of a bikini top / she / our starlet / glances down to the sea of flesh / of bodies / to the eternal tide of ever seasonal dead / Burmese / Jewish / Timorese / collected atrocities and the singularly dead / ripe / bloated as though alive consumertariat / maturated / bifurcated / stewed bowels explode upon the yacht’s prow / patinas of excrement across the hull of the gold ship / upon its gossip mag sails / bulimia / cellulite / anorexia / addiction and full length portraits of skelebrities unable to shit or bleed / with fabric hanging from the last points of meat clinging to the ribcage / posing / in x-ray frenzy / digitalized / pixelated / on red carpet / lends colour to cheeks / swish switch swish / tis the season to be sado / wind fills the sails / flatters the fundament / plumped up and reddened / Uma Dais leans over the compass / directions emblazoned in baroque silver / gargoyles north south east and west / predictions spout / spray upon her accentuated calf muscles in mono bland high heels / her disinterested cleavage / hardened with botox / stung with gothic urine / directionless with fake objectivity / unsucked / alone / gaunt / ploughing anonymous flesh / she turns on the TV and watches / shows / passion / delirium / the HBO show – tears of a unicorn sodomize a badgers fart / five stars the felching times / it grows old / this / crows feet derange themselves about her eyes / creep in to connect with stoned redeye / condiment appraisal and spice rack arrangement / the deck now thick with shit / thoughts empty across it / to no avail / a distressed sail flatters and flutters / unburdeneds itself / evacuates and falls loose to the writhing sea / clawed at by stiff arms / discoloured groins and pensive eye hollows / random spurts of blood / and an ejaculation thrown in for good measure….


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