towers of iron

Governing elite, towers of iron in social dialogues, aged, amorphous text, final appeals and brown shirt dehiscence, Formica in a final flourish, fish eaten whole, the cardio-monarch smushed in the 13th, commercial fountains chocolate crisis and pressure to enjoy, power monuments regurgitate a military dream, the leader, the man, the woman, as one speaking into other peoples minds, swivelling, live and wired to the pain burning in barns, vats, immense containers of surplus, unneeded celebrity chokes the death pits with faint recognition, baroque gauche taps spew molten metals, gold, aluminium, elephants, guns piled high in the stadia, cocaine flurries in the streets of orphaned decades, head gush, pulse rush, spine tingly, fishing boats haul in plastic toys, swooping gulls brain themselves on bargain tat, bloated planes sink into vistas of turgid black oil, at the back of my mind the reality of the virtuality played on my media pothole surfaces… but I’m high… ragged blue and red light buzzes over a serial killers cage, sticky brown viscous decay, orchestrated lawyers blow microphones, a super rich journalism consumes the enemy, their portrayed primitivism sinks slowly in, an automated voice accompanies the corruption, the officers of fake pornography doing their diplomatic duty, petrol, terrorism, branded prostitution, rotting garden furniture on a phone in quiz show… now I’m high… fragrant burning flesh fights in-flight on jets, her voice ignites a bulbous phone, gliding, gleaming, yellow ice stars fall to earth, vidi still fluxing on the urinite, bald headed pederasts, civilians, guilty children, computerised globes of spittle rotate in inspectors throats, vocalising faded secrets, dot matrix print outs the latest vert sublimation, overwhelmed… still high and wanking… valedictory glances rush across hotel lobbies, stockings, a starvation of old school RGB dots, imperial cigarette smoke, flash diplomacy, smoked glass, smoke cutting throat…


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