the workplace

Emotional response, the workplace, loose fingers, snapped tongue, colleagues circling round, electronic clique, shot responsibilities run down a consoles coily cord, now enmeshed in stagnating nano spume, discharged bowels imagine being back on the golf course, half formed gensects twitch in the purple heart and fly the colours, antenna, limbs stuck to evaporating lips, a flood of putrid air is released, agrophobic blue rags wearing push me pull me bras look to me, pawn off the glances, the time, get them to move away so I can deal with the wreck, its skull now dressed in the rudimentary affectations of a face, disturbed office swat-team rebels, tic-a-tape verts swarm in with their pretty bubble heads and with diving board blindness, tell me, myself to go, I leave the little bedlam of garden centre proportions, flowers in the air of the lift, wet skin, plastic molds of people with translucent face masks pass me in reception, no questionnaires, unusual talk and strawberries squashed stylishly in her hair, a mole hiding under the nose, gallow faced youth, painterly fingers, authorative biscuits handed out, gawking repressed five year old, brainy, domed, sullen faced, memories argue amongst themselves, gnawing, dust obscures, resurrected waste plays upon my mind screen…


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