roll down cattle

My eyes roll down, to two dimensional dairy cattle dancing in the park, golden churned ceilings, fragile wooden machinery, a kid kicks a ball a couple of feet across an enormous idyllic vista, commodities, aspirin warehouses wobble in the stomach of the fleeting river, muddy brown patches, behind the park relaxed architecture spews commerce, glass phalluses, sepia pictures of a Buddha caught in the fishing net t-blocks, my fingers across the modification in my chest, selective mechanisms, a plastic cup of chemical wine on the balcony of my place, porn plays on the media pothole, tethered cattle at the gate of pierced skin feel up the goddesses, exposed genitalia, multiplied, deified tumescence, a weathered leathery skin, sweat pools of corporeality, some heavy iron tentacles catch the vertlight on the street below, vidi rabbit, red sun visionaries, diagrams of flayed tourists, schematics of their dissected cameras explode upon the opposite building, a logo rotates, triggering, word associated astrologers dream in fetid bed linen calibrating their limbs, stars explode numbly, the carefully crafted topiary of the park wilts under the dominant corpo colours, monuments, ruthless symmetries inlaid with white marble grief flux with verts for death assistance, the power of jewel box emotions played out on the porcelain flesh of embryonic cattle, eyes rotating in sockets, roll upwards…


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