tanned lithe bodies

Tanned lithe bodies flicker, shiny molars in brick back allies, longing looks, the message, filaments of saliva, celestial nudity, very few verts, jaw bones in the sticky dust, breathing hard in the realm of copulating monkeys and nymphs, sacred composition of broken limbs, enter local into console, empty irrigated innards, gensects dispersed, gone, profane wind ripples the pools of viscera, at the end of the ally a sterilized white van punctuated with spiked helmets, panoplies of glistening plastic, extinguished nirvanas contemplate their tormentors, abstract wheels, bike frames discarded, veneration, its eyes worship a brick, web of yellow nano, exploded function stretches across the dirt, hermaphrodite spirals of energy recline in a battered book, in a hand abandoned, huge white smile glides up a t-block…


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