hand in hand up the ikea of it all

A terrible thought boarding the mono, rainbow serpents and forests steaming, evaporating, kids headset fizzes with the process of dieing, gaunt men haunt the compartment each adorned with a skull, mono glides on, underworld horns rise out red disused earth, diagrams of fish flutter in the sunlight, filtered through an imaginary green canopy, passing over orgies of scattered meat on the pavements, in the yellow grass of intersections and railings, flesh and sacrifice, a stabbed pig squeals at the end of a corpse pyre queue, hand in hand up the ikea of it all, spirits and fumes entwine, entangle plastic coated stone statues, embedded with microscopic reflective transmitting beads, historical figures inhabited by stacked coffins and pregnant rats, laughing through the stench of mortality, baskets of fruit and mixed severed limbs share jokes with the crippled monuments, stones dreaming of movement, levitation, headless and smooth, stooped humans clamber, catching glimpses of themselves, draped in rancid pink, holding an umbrella, immobile and in bitter struggle, slithering soundlessly on stone stairways, jewels held in their mouths, glittering, reflecting intended sounds and their downloaded movie star voices, sticky with the venom of familiar inflections, poisons, consumption in humid ruins, watched over by celestial nymphs, flittering in the cosmos of facades, despair, images of enticement combined with a kind of compassion for a potent language…


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