Pulse (excerpt)

Can’t get enough, the signs, the bodies changing, leaving me behind to a controlled interior, fireworks, exploding addictions, verts, isolated lips sync, semi-fore limbs in unison, neon nano filaments animate, gesticulate, work bodies fresh, it’s looking like today, pencil moustaches and ergonomic glasses, an on stage vertigo, American robots mime aleatory glitter and corrugating scissors, folding foetal rock stars mirrored in the soap magazine confessionals tumble from a moving car beneath the monorail, damp crow feathers, blood striated spittle, strings, glistens, glance at the console, embedded in sternum, grime flecked, the killers stance, miserable, dismantled, fussed and primed, holding breath, condensating international home-grown explosive, ejaculating dreams coming true, a dog patrol in the distance, back to the box, greasy and orange in the lamplight, a close up, barking, console chirps, it comes into view, silhouetted, lime green wrist bands glow, closer, soft limbs tied together, dropped like it’s hot, nano flexes in tubes emerging out of the exposed gut, steaming, cooling on the tarmac, [sipping chilled water on a nice train in Japan, rain streaking the windows] tattoos climb on strung out skin, absolute sonic wired eyes, glancing into the little cowed city, mono station glows soft blue, illuminates the wasteman, infections and what you can’t sell, a crowd flutters in the soft blue, pigtails hang lank into popcorn, happy stomachs, animatronic pandas, endangered mannerisms, full reactions promised, in the verts, in the sky, eyes hidden under plastic shades, rolling, bubbling along with the cloud, the wasteman twitches a little, a customised leg bespattered with chrome and broken pianists fingers, gensects, larval, adult, covered in nanopuss emerge, lessons on how to die, switched into overload, corpo mistake or virus, asking why? dribbling verbiage, tonight by the abattoirs door, a running sore ruptures, follows the rules, torn musculature, carefully traced with rivulets of red scab water, coughing into a crescendo, accumulation, [fat feel good factor in the feature length episode] human rights, vices, sleaze in the glow of the skyverts, judgements behind dead windows, inflamed tumescent architecture splits, stops, closer, gather up some gensects and other downloaded materials, maniacal in sterilised plastic, a medicated silence drifts upon the corpse, a mono slips by into its blue terminal bubble…


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