privacy hotel

In the privacy of a hotel room, payment for the ballet of dietary dysfunction and bandaged noses, plastic spheres, hairless pink mould, stitched in blond synthetic, mannerised page by page, nothing, the toilet fluxes with seascapes, holiday verts, virtual sand swirls in dirty sink water, [his name was danger] stop seeing the children cast in bronze, spirals of colour encounter a mild shock, flick on the screen, categories, nominees, prestige, randy gnomes in model costumes, armour rusts in the lambent rays of light, her mouth covered with white hair, pulse tuning in, a husky voice climbs steep stairs, dissected vocal chords slime along an elaborated balustrade, squares of aluminium hang about the throat of the nominated chaffinch, coffee steams in the blue grey, mercury beads, shadows beside me coalesce, the price, style and name of the bed I’m sitting on, helicopter blades in the roof, the latest arrivals, scraped clean crystal red bodies, the verts translucent skin holds darkness hostage…


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