epileptic in an Aegean sunrise

An epileptic in an Aegean sunrise, technically theft, fucking with the prescription under the auspices of cctv, a secondary market in sharp digitised colour, feminine pixel noises in rubber gloves, console vibrates in chest, chirps, echoes in the multi-story, remembered as grey concrete, a comic strip of verts and vidi, a shag in the company car, faded aircraft scratch the sky, khaki vert over the head of crouching ghoul and ghosty sick for pulse, revolution on the beach, streaks of audio piss, level 5, closing in, the special patient gets a golden enema, there on the stairs, purple discharge peppered with dead gensects and shit bespattered plastic in the retro style, level 6, the roof, I see her clear the wall, a two for one intellectual, impact thud and I’m still out of breath, her physio-fragrance lingers, limber green, pharmaceutical and lipstick pills, red leather with child protective caps, eye catching digital ejaculent flickers over the container, pulse, the capsule of choice…


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